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street art in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Street art in Charlotte, North Carolina isn’t as rare as you would think.  I love street art and I especially appreciate it when I see it in unexpected places.

There is a crazy cool piece of art here in Charlotte that I just love and I think you will too. It’s a big giant silver head that rotates! Have you seen anything like this before? It’s called Metalmorphosis and it’s by David Cerny, a controversial Czech artist by his own description but to me there is no controversy behind this beautiful sculpture.

When I lived in Paris I wasn’t thrilled with museums but I would always stop and stand in front of beautiful graffiti or street art, and this head is one of those pieces I love to stare at.

I have been here on several occasions and sometimes the head is rotating, sometimes it isn’t. You may be fortunate enough to come on a day when water is coming out of its mouth.


street art in Charlotte, North Carolina

street art in Charlotte, North Carolina

So where is this? It’s located in the Whitehall Corporate Center off of Whitehall Park Road just off Arrowood. Or if your driving down the 485 freeway exit Arrowood.  It’s so random to find such an interesting piece of art in between several business buildings but it’s a nice surprise.

street art in Charlotte, North Carolina

What do you think of street art? Is there street art where you live?

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  1. Roni- I share your love of graffiti. I know I’m not supposed to but I do! My husband’s brother works for UP Railroad and he has an album dedicated to graffiti on the cars and I always click through with amazement and hope that those people are able to put their talents to good use! I also love all murals in big cities! This is a great piece, if I’m ever in Charlotte I’ll have to make a point to find it!
    Happy to be a part of your tribe this week!

    • Graffiti is awesome. It’s what I always look for when I go to a new city, nothing wrong with that! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. I think I would call this “public art” (which is a commissioned, permanent piece) as opposed to “street art,” but in any case, I share your appreciation of it. Thanks for highlighting this one and letting us know about the artist. Happy to be part of your SITS tribe!


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