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Girlfriend getaways are the best!

Have you ever been to The Colosseum in Rome, Italy? I was there with a couple of girlfriends and when I snapped this picture we had walked so much Jennifer (the tall one on the left) said, “I’m done. We have to take a taxi, I can’t walk anymore.”

Tourist attraction in Rome

But before we got in the taxi we stood and admired The Colosseum, which is truly one of those historic landmarks that makes you stop and just stare. To think that we were able to walk in and around such an iconic building, something that has been standing since around 80AD, was mind-blowing.


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Things to do in Rome

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As we were standing in front of The Colosseum, one of my girlfriends got emotional and started crying, she couldn’t believe she was able to stand on the same ground that people had walked on thousands of years before. It was a lovely moment, even though that particular person is no longer in my life because she proved to be cray cray but that’s a different story I will tell on another day.

Have you ever been to a tourist attraction that made you get emotional?


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