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Have you heard of Crowders Mountain?  It’s an oasis of greenery and nature in North Carolina that is free to visit. Here are 5 tips for enjoying Crowders Mountain!


5 Tips To Enjoy Crowders Mountain

1. Bring bug spray

  • Crowders Mountain is a wonderful place to walk but the bugs and mosquitos may be a problem for you. Come prepared with bug spray if you tend to get bitten.




5 Tips To Enjoy Crowders Mountain

2. Bring plenty of water and snacks

  • If you walk around for any length of time you are bound to need water. It’s a steep gradual hill which requires much effort. There are several trails to choose from and when you get to the top you will probably be hungry. We didn’t have any snacks, just water but I won’t make that mistake again. Some nuts or boiled eggs or some type of protein would have hit the spot.

5 Tips To Enjoy Crowders Mountain

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3. Bring your cell phone

  • Some of the trails can be a bit isolated so keep your cell phone with you in case of emergency.

5 Tips To Enjoy Crowders Mountain


4. Be careful around the ledges

  • You know I’m scared of heights, right? So me taking this picture in front of this rock that had a death plunging drop behind it (ok, I’m exaggerating a bit but it was high!) was a big deal for me. See how I’m holding on to the rock in front of me? There are no railings anywhere so please pay close attention as you are walking. And yes, that’s sweat. We had just walked for an hour up hill and I sweat like a dude. Sexy!

5 Tips To Enjoy Crowders Mountain

5 Tips To Enjoy Crowders Mountain

5 Tips To Enjoy Crowders Mountain

5 Tips To Enjoy Crowders Mountain

5. If you are going to climb, register with park staff

  • Unfortunately there are many deaths at Crowder’s Mountain so please be sure to follow the rules and register with park staff.

5 Tips To Enjoy Crowders Mountain


There are many things you can do at Crowder’s Mountain. They have water sports, fishing, camping, and you can have a picnic. It’s only about 45 minutes from Charlotte  and well worth the drive. It’s a perfect way to experience the beauty of nature!


522 Park Office Lane
Kings Mountain, NC 28086

(704) 853-5375

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